Is Wildcraft Trolley Backpack good for Urban Adventure?

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Short travel on cards? Find out if Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack a good travel companion
Travel becomes easy when you have the right luggage

Travel becomes easy when you have the right luggage

The thing about travel is you never know what exactly is going to come next. Your urban adventure might not have butter smooth landing and can lead you to cobbled streets, rain-swept alleys, barely-there dusty roads or simply jagged pavements – all of which might not be healthy for the wheels of your expensive luggage. And trust me I had been in these situations before. I tried both kinds of luggage – a stylish trolley and rustic backpack. But none worked.

The solution? A backpack that glides beautifully on the marble floors of an airport but can be slung over one or two shoulders at the merest hint of mud or crazy paving. It was time for me to upgrade to a better backpack — and my new Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack fitted the bill perfectly.

What I Wanted

  1. I wanted it to be spacious but not bulky 

    A backpack in which I can keep my laptop, camera, accessories like lenses, extra set of batteries, filters, Go-Pro with Gimbal, Kindle, Power banks, various chargers, toiletries, medicines, water bottle, passport holder, a few set of clothes and some snacks to munch in. But carrying all this in my backpack shouldn’t limit my mobility.

  2. I wanted it to be a trolley pack

    Firstly, because my back would hurt towards the end of a long trip with carrying my backpack, and secondly, I carry much more gadgets in my daypack these days, so I needed a slightly bigger backpack than what I was using. 

  3. I wanted a high-quality backpack that would last a long time

    Before zeroing on Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack I did a bit of research. I checked online, read reviews and spoke to a few friends who are using it. The response I got – sturdy plus stylish. I didn’t come across any major negative review except for some people finding it a bit expensive. But frankly, I find it reasonable. After all, quality comes at a price.

What I Got

I didn’t want to pass the verdict on my bag in a jiffy, so I decided to wait until I had travelled with it for over a month to give a fair review. My thoughts?


The exterior of the Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack

The exterior of the Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack

The wheels and balance are outstanding. The handle is sturdy and easy to manoeuvre.

This large multifunctional wheeled backpack is so strong that it feels like it was made for the Army. The inner and outside compartments are thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the requirements of Urban travellers like me. The Zippers are of good quality and I didn’t face any snag even while zipping them in a hurry.

Smooth good quality finish

Smooth good quality finish

There’s abundant space in the bag with various pockets for accessories, laptop, iPad, clothes etc. Additionally, there are a few compartments close to the top of the bag that is good for small items that you need to access easily. I use mine for chargers, medicines and hand sanitiser. There is also a back panel that can to be used for magazines, newspapers, or anything flat.

The sturdy handle that gives you a good grip

The sturdy handle that gives you a good grip

The best thing about the bag is – it’s customizable. You can either push the adjustable carry handle inside the pocket and cover the wheels with the pouch provided, for it to become a full backpack. Or remove the straps for it to become a complete trolley bag.

The detachable straps can go inside to become a full trolley bag

The detachable straps can go inside to become a full trolley bag

Having a trolley backpack made my travel so much better — it was much easier on my body. 

What I didn’t like

It is heavy for a backpack. But this is the price you pay for having wheels on your pack. And Kudos to the Wildcraft team for telling me honestly not to use it for hiking or long walks. Your lower back will not like the hard base and wheels at the bottom. So, if you’re a traveller who enjoys trips to the wilderness, bring along a lightweight backpack. And if you are looking for one, Wildcraft has many great options.

What Could Be Better

My only issue with this bag is that due to its short and fat shape, it tends to flip over backwards when I walk a bit fast. I can’t zip around like I can with taller skinnier bags.

Still, that’s a very small qualm in the grand scheme of things.

The Price Point

The 45L bag that I am using is available for Rupees 5,999 (93 USD).  As far as pricing is concerned, it’s in the mid-range for backpacks. In my opinion, a backpack is a critical investment in your travels. Getting a less-than-perfect backpack can ruin your body and trip. So, paying a bit extra for a bag this good is absolutely worth it. If you’re looking for a new backpack, this is a good option. I highly recommend it.

Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack is ideal for 2-3 days of travel

Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack is ideal for 2-3 days of travel

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Many thanks to Wildcraft for providing Wildcraft 45 L Voyager Trolley Backpack.  All opinions, as always, are my own and have been written after using the product.

PS: Since many of my readers have been asking me about the luggage tag I thought I should share the secret: I got them custom-designed from – Perfico Go grab one for yourself!


  • Wildcraft has some amazing products. My heart is set on their Gangotri rucksacks. I did check out the Wildcraft Trolley backpack at their store. I was amazed that it is so spacious and functional. The many compartments make it quite useful and attuned to my style of traveling.

  • Lisa says:

    This bag sounds like a very practical option for all sorts of travelling, but it does look heavy. I always prefer these type of backpacks with wheels as it gives you an option when you can no long carry it! Can you give the price in Euros and Dollars? It will help other travellers to understand the price.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. After using it for over a month I can safely say that it is an ideal travel bag for a short 2-3 day trip. With wheels by your side, it isn’t heavy at all. It costs around 93 USD.

  • Natasha says:

    This is a fantastic backpack! I love the idea of being able to drag it if the ground dictates you can but them if not you can carry it like a normal backpack. I also love how spacious it is as well! Nice article!

  • Marlies says:

    I have always wondered about the combination of a backpack and trolley. Actually I bought one suitcase with back straps but I never use it as such. The Wildcraft trolley seems useful for short holidays and city trips. It looks like useful for laptop transport as well.

  • Umberta says:

    It looks like a good bag, spacious and with good pockets, I like the one for the pc. But I had a backpack with wheels before and it was heavy and also it was not comfortable to use it as a backpack for a long time. I see this one is heavy too. I guess it’s always the problem. Now I use a backpack without wheels.

    • Hey Umberta,

      Thanks for your feedback. Actually, it doesn’t seem heavy at all when you use the wheels and use it as a backpack for a shorter duration. For city adventures it is perfect. I only need a different backpack if I am hiking. Else I use this.

  • Sounds like a practical bag. Usually I avoid bags with wheels, but on hot summer days this seems like a good option. Good to know there are some well built bags out there for travel

    • Hi there,

      It was a great decision for me to go ahead with this back as it gave so much relief to my back. I can now travel as much as I want without troubling my back.

  • The Wildcraft Voyager Trolley Backpack looks perfect for travel. I like that it has wheels, not because I get tired carrying a backpack but because my back sweats with a backpack on. Rolling it would help me avoid arriving at my destination sweating and in need of a shower and change.

  • Wildcraft has some amazing products and this backpack looks great to me as you can fit in all your essentials in one bag and the plus point is it’s customised version where you can use as backpack or as a cabin luggage as well.

  • First of all I love your luggage tag. I totally need something like that. I love that backpack by the way and especially the fact that it is very versatile.

    • Hey Karen,

      Thanks a lot 🙂 That is my second luggage tag. I had lost my favourite one that I got from New Zealand 🙁 But thanks to a luggage tag company I got this one customised for me 🙂

      The Wildcraft Voyager Trolley bag is perfect for a short 2-3 days trip. I love it.

  • Iza Abao says:

    I like that you have provided an honest review of this backpack. I have seen other travelers who are using something similar to this brand. I like that this backpack is versatile and it looks durable. The best thing is that it has compartments so that you can fit a lot of your travel essentials in it. The wheels look sturdy. I am curious if they have other color options.

  • Aryane says:

    It looks like a great option for shorter trips. I am a big fan of backpacks, but sometimes the wheels are more convenient. This backpack/suitcase seems to be the best of both worlds 🙂

  • Raghav says:

    Looks pretty sturdy and while I agree that having wheels in a backpack makes it a little impractical especially if the handle rod runs through the back, but there is no denying they are very useful when it comes dragging along luggage. I always have a similar backpack when I travel abroad because they come is handy after all the airport shopping.

  • Fillia says:

    Not sure if I will like this backpack. Doesn’t look comfortable to wear as a travel backpack to be honest. But, that tag.. can I have one please. Hehehhe 🙂

  • Katharina says:

    I carry around a lot of electronic gear too. And I want it to be safe. But I do get back aches easily from heavy backpacks. The rd might be a little uncomfortable when you are actually carrying the backpack but it is a great option to drag it behind you.

  • I’ve long been intrigued by backpacks with wheels. Sounds like you get the double functionality but something gets lost in the fusion too. If it’s heavy, it defeats the purpose for me, especially.

  • Kim says:

    Thank you for your honest review, I love how you spent a month using the backpack before writing about it. This is my first time hearing about the brand Wildcraft, I’ll have to check out some of their other products to see what else they have to offer — seems like they know their stuff. Also, I’m loving your luggage tag! If you don’t mind sharing, where did you get that made?

  • Lien says:

    I really stick to my backpack for travelling abroad. However, I can see why you fell in love with the trolley…

  • yukti says:

    Wildcraft Trolley bag looks like a comfortable and durable travel bag. Also the price 5,999 is not very expensive and within our limits. With dragging option is again becomes more comfortable because with laptop in bag, it becomes more heavy.

  • A troiley backpack sounds perfect and combination of a backpack with lots of space to stuff our belongings and which can pulled around is such a win-win! 🙂

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