Can a water bottle make you a Responsible Traveler?

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Product Review: Caught in a dilemma of choosing safe drinking water or being a responsible traveler? What if I tell you there’s a water bottle that does both? Read on to know why Water-to-Go Filter Bottle is different from all other water purification bottles in the market and how quick and easy it is to use.

Water to go bottle, Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, Incredible India. Pic credit:

I am visiting Rann of Kutch, the White Desert, in Gujarat, India for the first time. Being a last-minute packer I dump everything in my luggage without giving much thought. However, one thing I am very particular about is my Water-to-go Filter bottle. Thanks to its unique NASA technology, tested and used globally, I have got one less worry. I can fill water from any source anywhere in the world and be rest assured that I won’t fall sick. It instantly filters over 99.9% bacteria, viruses and more harmful content from water, providing safe, refreshing drinking water anywhere in the world.

Today, I am going to share why it’s become the most important part of my travels. But first, let’s rewind a bit.

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle at Ellora Caves, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

It all started from London

I am attending my first World Travel Mart (WTM) London and I am feeling a bit sad seeing the amount of plastic waste generated by the mega-scale event. The pocket-size water bottles are convenient to carry but extremely bad for the environment. I try my bit by carrying a refillable water bottle but at times when I am not sure of the water quality I end up buying use-and-throw water bottles. Just when I am mulling on what can be done to solve this problem, I bump into Dominic carrying a cute little black bottle that looks stylish and seems like it can do more than just carrying water. I am intrigued to know more about it and I ask Dominic about it. That conversation changes my travel pack forever. Now I can’t travel without my Water-to-go Filter bottle. I instantly take details from him and order one for myself.

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle, Asia. Pic credit:

Reasons that convinced me to become a loyal user of Water-to-Go Filter Bottle.

WHAT is unique about Water-to-Go Filter Bottle?

Water-to-Go filter water bottle is different from all other water purification bottles in the market and is very quick and easy to use.

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle, Perfect Travel Partner. Pic credit:

All you have to do is fill the water from any source and drink it straight from the bottle after activating the filter for 15 minutes. You can drink any water, anywhere, with no side effects or fear of falling sick. It uses unique NASA technology, tested and used globally to filter 99.9% of contaminants from the water.

Being an offbeat solo traveler what impressed me the most about the bottle is that besides removing the microbial contaminants, it also removes Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead and other harmful elements from the unsafe water. And not just that, it even allows the beneficial minerals to pass through, leaving you with the healthiest water possible.

I used my Water-to-Go Filter Bottle for 3 months almost exclusively whilst in India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East filling up from taps, standpipes, hotel bathrooms and on a couple of occasions from streams, rivers, and canals.

HOW does Water-to-Go Filter Bottle work?

I take pride in claiming that it’s hard to impress me. Having worked as a marketer for over a decade, I don’t blindly believe claims like ‘space programme technology’ and ‘developed by NASA’. While the product has been independently tested by three different laboratories, and all of them have given an approval stamp, still I wasn’t convinced. They are all good but I needed to do my own research to reach a conclusion. I tested the bottle for few months, before writing this product review. Here is what I found on how the bottle works.

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle uses a unique 3 In1 Filter Technology originally developed for the NASA space programme. Three different technologies are integrated into one filter to remove over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants in water.

1. Mechanical filtration

A very small pore size which stops contaminants passing through.

2. Electrical (by a positive charge)

Reduces the pore size even further and attracts the contaminants like a magnet would, trapping them inside the filter.

3. Carbon

Instead of using adhesives to glue the carbon particles together, (which vastly reduces the carbon’s efficiency) it is contained within the membrane, helping to reduce contaminants whilst eliminating bad tastes and odours.

To test their claim of filtering any water, I even filled it up from a muddy puddle at Rann of Kutch, and the water came out perfectly drinkable and the taste wasn’t bad either!

WHY is it perfect for travelers, commuters, and health-conscious people?

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle, outdoor, Incredible India

1. Handy and lightweight

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle comes in two sizes; the 75cl bottle filters 200 litres and lasts 3 months and the 50cl GO! bottle lasts 130 litres or 2 months. At the end of the period, you just change the filter and you are ready to go.

2. Environment-friendly

Each filter treats either 130 or 200 litres of water. That’s equivalent to 260 or 400 single-use plastic water bottles! The filter membrane is biodegradable and the shrouds are recyclable.

3. Cost Effective

Say bye to buying bottled water! With Water-to-Go Filter Bottle, safe and clean drinking water costs only Rs 2 (0.03 cents) per litre as compared to upwards of Rs.20 (30 cents).

4. Perfect for every day, outdoor and travel

Being a frequent traveler with a petite frame I try to carry as little weight as possible. The Water-to-Go Filter Bottle size is sturdy and good for everyday use, outdoors and travel. It’s easy to hold and comes in funky bright colours as well as transparent colour.

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle on a Cruise, Asia

WHERE to buy Water-to-go bottle?

The 50cl Water-to-Go bottle lasts 130 litres or 2 months

The 50cl Water-to-Go Filter Bottle lasts 130 litres or 2 months

The 75cl Water-to-Go bottle filters 200 litres and lasts 3 months

The 75cl Water-to-Go bottle filters 200 litres and lasts 3 months

Water-to-Go Filter Bottle starts at £24.99 including one filter. Replacement filters cost £17.99 for a pack of two. Head to to browse and order. Filters last 200 litres, an average of three months based on drinking two litres a day.

Get an awesome 15% off your purchase by using my exclusive Water-to-Go discount code. Enter TSW15 at the checkout to save 15%. Don’t miss out!

Have you ever used Water-to-Go Filter Bottle? I would love to know your thoughts.

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  • Michelle says:

    I love the fact that you can drink water just 15 minutes after having filled the bottle. Love the bright colours too, seems like a perfect accessory for any traveller!

  • Danik says:

    Ok, wow and yup now I want one and looking into it. I am the same you, want to do my bit for the planet and cut down on the plastic we use. I have to admit, I use a lot of plastic bottles when I am running or doing races but I also drink a lot of water at work, on the go etc and this bottle would cut my usage of plastic bottles by 75% I think. Looking into this right now.

  • noel says:

    What a great idea to be able to travel and actually drink the local water without fear of getting sick especially in areas that are high risk. I would definitely try a product like this especially when it is cost effective.

  • Incredible! This sure sounds handy, especially for a backcountry or camping trip where you don’t want to haul multiple bottles of water in. If only it were collapsible too…

  • Chris Bloomfield says:

    We have hydration packs and they work well for hiking. Sometimes though we just want to bring a bottle of water instead. This bottle is the perfect solution because we can just refill it and our whole family can share. There is always water available for us to use, but the quality is questionable. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kirstie says:

    This is truly amazing, especially for hikers, or even laidback travelers such as myself. Water is very important even just sightseeing and water can get expensive. Many times I’d take a trip to 711’s and start to feel like I am wasting money because why would I spend dimes on water when back at home, I could have as much water as I want and not spend so much. You could spend this for other things. Water can hurt your budget. Even temple visits can get hot. I want one of these.

  • Anu says:

    I always carry my water bottle with me when I travel. I usually fill it from the hotel or the restaurant where I eat and that kind of lasts me for the day. The Water-To-Go looks interesting but someone needs to do the environmental impact of batteries used to filter the water. I would like to use it when you are out in deserts or places where you would not get water.

  • Marvi says:

    Sounds like an amazing travel item to have! So cool that you’ve used the filter water bottle in different countries and on different sources of water too! How do you clean it by the way?

  • Linda says:

    This is a good product for me to look at as we drink a lot of water when we are travelling. I carry a bottle with a normal filter in it but it really is only taking some contaminants out of the water. This one really seems like it would remove all harmful micro-organisms. And save money and the planet.

  • Carrie says:

    Great that you’re shining a light on the horrible amount of plastic waste that travelers contribute to. Personally I prefer steri pens to filtering water bottles (since I can use them with my bigger hydration pack on long treks) but either is better than buying bottled water at every stop.

  • I’ve got to get me one of these! Sounds like the perfect travel companion.

  • Medha Verma says:

    This is super cool, I didn’t know a product like this even existed and I think it would be very helpful especially in those countries where the tap water is not portable! India, Sri Lanka, for sure! And since you’ve used it and found it to be great, I think I might give it a go as well. How brilliant would it be to just fill the water up from anywhere, activate the filter for 15 min, and viola, you have clean, drinkable water!

  • Renata Green - says:

    I’m also suffering a lot seeing all these plastic bottles (and bags) polluting the planet wherever I go. On the other hand, I need to drink plenty of water, so I keep buying bottled liquids. It’s great that there is finally a real alternative.

  • Cat says:

    We usually bring a reusable water bottle whenever we travel. But I can see why a filter water bottle is worth investing! In some countries where tap water is not safe to drink, it can transform undrinkable water to drinkable water so we don’t have to buy water from supermarkets!

  • Paige W says:

    Okay, this is seriously cool! I’m trying every day to be more and more environmentally conscious. Water bottles in certain countries is my downfall. I’m currently in Morocco and I’ve had to buy disposable water bottles because I don’t want to get sick. Water-to-go sounds like a great option! And while the sticker price sounds high, think about how much you would spend on 200 liters of water! I’m definitely going to check these out!

  • Claire says:

    This is fab, we should definitely avoid buying bottled water to save plastic. The water-to-go bottle sound like it does a great job filtering out all the nasties. The only downside for me is I often travel for more than 3 months at a time so I’d need to take a few filters with me on my travels 🙂

  • Mei and Kerstin says:

    A water-to-go bottle with filter is definitely a good item to bring along when hiking in the wild or traveling to places outside of big cities. In Europe, we just drink unfiltered tap water since it’s usually good enough, but when we go to Asia, North or South America this can come in handy.

  • Nicola says:

    I’ve seen other people use these and had been really inspired, but haven’t got round to getting one yet. I need to! I hate the number of plastic bottles we get through travelling!

  • Ami Bhat says:

    Sounds like quite a useful thing to have when traveling though I am still not very convinced about the filtering capacity. I guess, I will have to do some more research before I grab one for myself. It does have some benefits of reducing the plastic around though.

  • Suruchi says:

    This sounds like a must have; for commuters; travellers and tourists. We need to check this product up for sure. I am impressed that you could fill the water from puddle and the filters made it drinkable. Another impressive thing is it’s bright colours and you can use water just after 15 minutes.

  • The amount of plastic that gets accumulated at places frequented by tourists and otherwise is staggering. Most of the plastic is in the form of used water bottles. The sights of such huge plastic waste is always a heart-rending experience. The water-to-go bottle seems a good option with multifold benefits. Of course, the major one would be less of plastic waste.

  • Anne says:

    Omg I’m so going to get one of these. I drink tons of water travelling and hate constantly chucking plastic bottles. I’m doing Everest base camp next year and it will be ideal

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