10 reasons why you should NEVER visit Selangor, Malaysia

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It is said ‘out of sight out of mind’ but in travel, it’s usually the opposite. Even if a place tick marks all the boxes, we tend to ignore it in favor of more popular destinations. You know why? Because the grass is always greener on the other side. We tend to choose holiday places by the potential of likes and comments it can garner on Facebook. Far away places appear to be more exotic than nearby (less popular but equally good) places. Selangor, Malaysia has everything you would want in a perfect holiday destination but still, you should NEVER visit it. Intrigued?

Here are my 10 reasons  why you should NEVER visit Selangor, Malaysia

1) The heart of Malaysia

Selangor is the biggest and the most developed part of Malaysia. It is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is bordered by Perak to the north, Pahang to the east, Negeri Sembilan to the south and the Strait of Malacca to the west. Did you know the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya were once under Selangor’s territorial sovereignty until Selangor decided to give them away? You can make it your base and travel anywhere around Malaysia. Or for that matter even Singapore and Thailand. There’s a highway that connects the three countries. I am already dreaming about a multi-country road trip.

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit Selangor, the heart of Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit Selangor, the heart of Malaysia

2) Land of adventure

For an adventure buff, there can’t be a better way to start a trip than jumping off a cliff to get a bird’s eye view of the paradisiacal beauty of Malaysia. Before I paraglided I didn’t know that Kuala Kubu Bharu has received testimonials from some of the top paragliders in the world for having the best view-cum-facilities. Last year alone, three major paragliding competitions were hosted here: Malaysia Accuracy Open, Paragliding Accuracy World Cup and Malaysia Open Cross-Country. I met my paragliding team at the Stadium Millennium, from where we drove for 15 minutes in a 4WD to Bukit Batu Pahat. The take-off point at Bukit Batu Pahat, which is 1400-foot above sea level.

The wind conditions were good and we flew for 20 minutes. The lush green forests tightly hugged the mountains and blue water bodies, while the fluffy clouds added a bit more romance to the setting. It was Zen-like to fly like a bird. The pleasant breeze kept caressing my tresses while I enjoyed listening to my pilot’s tales. He was cool to allow me to navigate the parachute for a while. We even tried some summersaults in the air.

Things to do in Malaysia: Paragliding at Bukit Batu Pahat, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Paragliding at Bukit Batu Pahat, Selangor

Besides paragliding, Kuala Kubu Bharu is best known for whitewater rafting, hiking and waterfall chasing. Unfortunately, I was super tired and running low on time to experience those. But there’s always the next time.


Kota Kinabalu is the best place for unplanned travel in South East Asia

It was a dream come true for a motorsport fan to watch the MotoGP Race at Sepang International Circuit.

Things to do in Malaysia: Rev up your engine at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Rev up your engine at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor

3) Nature Retreat

It’s hard to imagine an industrialised state like Selangor can be a haven for nature lovers. But paradoxes do exist. Selangor is a living proof. Hulu Selangor is a very green state with plenty of parks and forest reserves and. Many of the Tin mining excavations have been converted into lakes. Staying at Sticks Resort in the middle of a Jungle was ultimate digital detoxification.

Things to do in Malaysia: Stay at a jungle retreat, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Stay at Sticks Resort, Hulu Selangor, Malaysia

A place, where you disconnect from the world to connect with nature and yourself. Where you can enjoy the musical gurgling of the river, chirping of birds, the fragrance of flowers and freshly barbecued food made by our lovely host Rubin and his beautiful wife. It was pure bliss. Albeit a few insects tried to get cozy with my co-traveler friend, Jo.

Things to do in Malaysia: Get close to nature at Hulu Selangor, Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia: Get close to nature at Hulu Selangor, Malaysia

Another experience that I really loved was the Mangrove River Cruise, where I savored the sights and sounds of monkeys, mudskippers, eagles, exotic birds, and monitor lizards. Fortunately, the weather was clear and the cool sea salt breeze splashed us each time the boat accelerated. Too bad we didn’t get to see ‘Samundar mein naha kar’ performance by Sudipto 😛

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience the Mangrove River Cruise, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience the Mangrove River Cruise, Selangor

4) Affordable Luxury

Have you ever dreamt of having a Maldives experience at 1/5th the price? Well, I didn’t but I experienced it first-hand. The first time I saw the picture of the Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort I wondered if Selangor Tourism Boa the d was tricking us by flying to the Maldives or Bora Bora instead of Selangor. But we were in for a pleasant surprise. With 392 water villas, the scale of the resort was mind-blowing. The huge water villas were so spread out that it took almost 15 minutes to walk from reception to the farthest water villas. Fortunately, there were large golf buggies and free bicycles to take us around.

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience 5 star luxury at Avani Goldcoast Resort, Sepang

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience 5 star luxury at Avani Goldcoast Resort, Sepang

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience 5 star luxury at Avani Goldcoast Resort, Sepang

Things to do in Malaysia: Experience 5 star luxury at Avani Goldcoast Resort, Sepang

Unlike the Maldives and Bora Bora, the water at Avani Resort wasn’t turquoise blue. But if you are interested in the amazing sunset views and the serene calm environ of a luxury villa over a calm bay at 1/5th the price, this resort is a fantastic option. Also, this is an ideal place for large group MICE conferences and destination weddings.

Things to do in Malaysia: Watch sunset at Avani, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Watch sunset at Avani, Selangor

Avani Sepang Gold Coast Resort, Selangor, Malaysia at Sunset

Sunset at Avani Resort, Selangor, Malaysia

It wasn’t just the Avani Resort which enchanted me with its luxury living. The Palace of the Golden Horses, tagged as “Asia’s Most Extraordinary Hotel”, was a masterpiece in itself. A world-class, award-winning, palatial hotel that has hosted the who’s who of the world and where hit movies like Kabali were shot.

Things to do in Malaysia: Stay at the Palace of the Golden Horses, Selangor

5) One stop holiday destination

If you are looking for a one-stop destination that is not too far from Kuala Lumpur and has all kinds of fun activities, the 7 million square feet Sunway City is your answer. A multi-award winning township located just 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur has Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Resorts, and Sunway Pyramid.

Things to do in Malaysia: Invoke the inner kid in you at the Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Invoke the inner kid in you at the Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park, Selangor

In Sunway Lagoon, you’ll find five different theme parks with more than 80 rides and attractions to choose from. “Dil toh bacha hai jee” crossed my mind as I hopped through the Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park and Scream Park the whole day. The big daddy of amusement parks houses the world’s largest man-made sandy surf beach, world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, Asia’s highest slingshot ride, Malaysia’s first interactive zoo and one of Asia’s longest flying fox trails. There are plenty of activities like paintball war games, mountain biking, bungee jumping, go-karting, ATV rides among others to keep you busy.

After an action-packed day at the Sunway Lagoon, I dropped in at the Sunway Pyramid. With an Egyptian motif, the shopping mall is housed in a large pyramid, with a monumental Sphinx welcoming visitors at its entrance.

6) Rich culture and heritage

Selangor surprised me with its heritage towns of Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) and Klang. After having Teh Tarik (milk tea with lots of sugar) and Chana Roti (bread with vegetable curry), I walked through the sleepy heritage town of KKB, which is a jump off point for several outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, and paragliding. Walking through the Instagrammable block of four parallel streets lined with well-preserved 1920s shophouses, I felt I had time traveled to the 1920s. An era when match-box sized compact towns were in vogue with tree-lined pathways, cobbled streets, graffiti-adorned walls and mountain views.

Things to do in Malaysia: Walk the heritage lanes of Kuala Kubu Baru Town center, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Walk the heritage lanes of Kuala Kubu Baru Town center, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Relish the local pastry shophouse at Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Relish the local pastry shophouse at Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor

Baru in Malay language means new. The town you are standing in is not the original town. It was planned in 1925 after the original Kuala Kubu was washed away by disastrous floods in 1883.

Said the owner of a home appliances shop, who fascinatingly believed in equality – equal shop front space to a real and a me-too brand.

Another place that I loved exploring was Klang, established as a seat of power during the height of the tin-mining era. A place where all cultures and religions coexist harmoniously. The royal city of Selangor is home to the eclectic 19th-century Sultan Sulaiman Mosque, named after its reigning sultan when Klang was at its peak. After walking through the old quarters reminiscent of Royal Sultanate era, Colonial era, and Indian immigrant era; I reached the ‘Little India’. An area where I was greeted by the Bollywood music, the smell of South Indian spices and a sea of saris and Punjabi suits, over-the-top jewelry, and traditional knick-knacks. Did I say I missed India? Not really.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Things to do in Malaysia: Spend time at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Klang, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Spend time at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Klang, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit the Klang Royal Town Mosque, Selangor

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit the Klang Royal Town Mosque, Selangor

7) Shopping Haven

I am not a big fan of shopping but it’s impossible to visit Selangor and not shop. Even a reluctant shopper like me surrendered to the retail therapy. Any guesses what I shopped? Of course, shoes. My reason to purchase – good quality at unheard of prices. Though Malaysia is not as cheap as Thailand or Vietnam for shopping you get good quality stuff at great prices and there are malls all around to lure you.

8) Easy Connectivity

Selangor is the country’s primary port of entry and strategically located in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. There are regular flights from across the world. I flew in with Malindo Air from Delhi to KL for the first time. The flight was on time and comfortable. Although food and service could be improved. While getting in Selangor is a cake walk, moving in and around Selangor is stress-free too. The public transportation makes it easy to move around from one place to another. You can either take a train, bus or Uber.

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit the Twin Towers

Things to do in Malaysia: Visit the Twin Towers

9) People first

For a solo traveler like me, the most important thing about a place is its people. And I must say Malaysians are very kind, extremely polite, soft-spoken, helpful, assiduous and punctual people. They would go out of their way to accommodate even your last-minute requests. And this I am speaking from my many visits.

10) No visa hassles

Last but not the least. It’s become super easy to travel to Malaysia, especially for Indians. Within five minutes you get e-visa at 20 USD fees. No need to take prints outs, set aside a day off to visit the embassy or employ an agent. Just visit the official Malaysian Visa Website, fill the application, submit the relevant documents, pay the processing fees and your e-visa is done. Yes, it’s as simple as 1…2…3.

So these were my 10 reasons on why you should NEVER visit Selangor, Malaysia. Confused about the title of the post? Hope you get the sarcasm. See you soon in the heart of Malaysia – Selangor!

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I was invited by Selangor Tourism Board and Malindo Air for a Media Trip. All the experiences shared above are based on my (Archana Singh’s) experience in Selangor. Most of the pictures posted above were clicked by me during my visit.


  • Omg paragliding please? So jealous we absolutely want to do this! We have never done it and it would be amazing to do it there as well! No way that is a palm … and such weird color indeed of the water haha. Would love to go to the Avani!

    • Hello Double M,

      You should absolutely do paragliding. It was an amazing experience to do it in Selangor. Ws really well organised and the views were gorgeous. HA HA. Irrespective of the water colour, Avani is a beautiful resort. You must visit it.

  • Suzanne says:

    I visited Selangor’s Blue Mosque which was so spectacular. It was also one of the friendliest mosques I have ever gone to. The guide was very kind and welcoming. I like that you covered so much ground in Selangor. I would definitely like to do the river cruise!

    • Hey Suzanne,

      I agree mosques in Malaysia are really very friendly. I had visited the blue Mosque at Kota Kinabalu and it was equally great.

      Selangor is beautiful and most underrated. You must check it out.

  • I’d never heard of Selangor but sign me up for the paragliding and those sunsets! I also love visiting specific cultural neighborhoods for their authentic food, so Little India would be top of my list, too. Good chance that Malaysia will be my next Asian destination so this I’m glad to have learned about Selangor.

    • Hey Jcakie,

      You know what, before I went on the trip I too was oblivious of the fact. Even though KL airport is in Selangor. I am so glad to know that this post has put Malaysia on your map. You won’t be disappointed by Selangor. I promise you that.

  • yukti says:

    Selangor is a unheard name for me in Malaysia, but your post make me tempt to look into this. This resort is so luxurious and full of greenery. River within the Sticks resort is lovely picnic spot. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Yukti,

      Thanks a ton for the kind words. Selangor is beautiful and all the resorts I stayed in were gorgeous. Perfect for a short getaway. You must visit Selangor soon and find it yourself.

  • Rachelle says:

    Haha I love this! It’s so beautiful and looks like a dream destination. I’m not huge into shopping, but it would be fun to watch everyone else blow away their wallets. 🙂 Those sunsets are no joke!

    • Hey Rachelle,

      I am so glad to have a company here. Selangor is actually the best destination for families and friends looking for comfortable holidays. So much to do and explore there. And sunset is just too good in Selangor.

  • It’s not a famous name to people who are traveling Malaysia, but I’m glad that you showed how a visit in Selangor can be filled with adventure and amazing places! It makes me want to try paragliding in Kuala Kubu Bharu, too!!!

    • Hey Trisha,

      I am so glad you liked the post. Thanks a lot for your kind words. Paragliding at Kuala Kubu Bharu was amazing. I wish I could have done river rafting and waterfalls chasing too. But that gives me a reason to go back.

  • Selangor looks gorgeous! I kept reading till the end thinking that you’re going to state something terrible that happened which justifies the title! But I’m so glad i was disappointed =)

    • Hey Meghna,

      I am so glad my story could keep you engaged till the very end. Selangor was totally an unexpected kind of experience. Absolutely loved it. You should definitely check it out. You’ll love it.

  • kathy says:

    Don’t visit Selangor! Well I have never been one to be told what to do so yes please. It sounds amazing. I love adventure sports like paragliding so I would really love to do that. Also I love taking in the culture so visiting the mosques would be a definite tick on the list.

    • Hey Kathy,

      I am just like you when it comes to choosing my holiday destinations. I always choose what I like not what others like. Selangor was really a pleasant surprise. It had so much to offer. You would totally love it.

  • Karla says:

    Land of adventure, yes I shouldn’t NOT visit it! I love adventures and all your photos are pretty.

  • You sold me at affordable luxury! And the nature reserves seem like an incredible experience. It sounds like an amazing place, so I may have to ignore your post title and visit the place! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m convinced!! I’ve never even heard of Selangor, which is a shame! This looks like an absolute blast. Love the paragliding picture.

    • Hey Kerry,

      It’s not your fault. Not many people know about it. I myself didn’t know until recently. But it’s a beautiful destination to explore nature, art, culture, food, shopping, and adventure among other things.

  • Rhiannon says:

    Umm so I totally missed the sarcasm until the end! Was all sorts of confused about the title hahah. The Palace of the Golden Horses looks amazing, kind of reminds me of Vegas?! I’ve never actually heard of Selangor before but now I’m definitely eager to visit!!

  • Welcome to Malaysia and trully welcome to Selangor.
    Thank you for your ride about Selangor so love it… for future, maybe u can try the place like skymirror in selangor, eagle feeding and some other places.
    Nice to read your word 😉

    • Hey Suzy,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Means a lot when locals praise you. I am so glad you found the article good.

      And you know what I really wanted to visit Sky mirror but apparently, the time wasn’t right this time around. I can’t wait to return to Selangor.

  • sherianne says:

    You were able to do and see so much, what an incredible experience!

  • Rosemary says:

    Oh wow, that resort….for 1/5 of the price of the Maldives…I’m there! From your article, it looks like we really missed a great time to explore Selangor. We spent most of our time in Kuala Lumpur and didn’t even see everything we wanted to see. Malaysia is a really beautiful and diverse country and worth visiting many times over.

    • Hey Rosemary,

      You know, just like you, I too missed out on visiting Selangor in my first two visits. It was this time I got to experience it. And I can’t wait to go back. There is so much to explore.

  • Tripti says:

    I had never heard of Selangor until now. It looks like a complete vacation destination with so many different activities. Definitely a must visit, added to my bucket list. Hope I can visit soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Tripti,

      You are not alone. I too was oblivious to the incredible beauty of Selangor until the beginning of this year. Now I want to explore more. And you should definitely add this to your bucket list.

  • lisa says:

    Selangor looks amazing! So much to do the paragliding is a must. Loved the picures i would love to visit here one day.

  • I am SOLD! Avani Resort looks gorgeous – I for sure would’ve thought that was Bora Bora or Maldives if you had just showed me that photo without telling me where it was taken. I haven’t tried paragliding yet but would love to! Somersaults though? … not sure about that 🙂 Thanks for sharing about this hidden gem!

    • Hey Diana,

      I feel so happy reading your comment. Thanks a lot for sharing your generous feedback. Selangor is really a very beautiful place and the resorts are too good. Especially, Avani Resort. I could stay there forever (only if they allow me to). And paragliding was super fun. You must visit Selangor soon.

  • Amy Rebecca Krigsman says:

    First off, your pictures are incredibly beautiful. I’d never heard of Selangor, though Malaysia has become more well-known as a tourist destination of late. I never would have imagined how much there is to do there.

    • Hey Amy,

      Thanks a lot for the generous feedback. I am so glad you found it interesting enough to comment. And I admit, I too felt the same until I visited Selangor. It still has lot of offbeat places to explore.

  • Gemma says:

    I’d never heard of Selangor before, but you had me at over water villas haha. They look amazing and the perfect place to relax. It seems like there is something everyone can enjoy.

    • Hey Gemma,

      I am so glad you liked reading about Selangor here. Staying at the Avani Resort water villas was an incredible experience and that too at such an amazing price. And yes, Selangor has something for everyone.

  • Pedro says:

    I must confess I love the whole Selangor region. KL is a dream and the nature and adventure opportunities… can I sign up to paragliding? 🙂

    • Hey Pedro,

      You are the second person I have come across who had been to Selangor. It is really a very beautiful place. And paragliding is definitely one activity you must do. Go for it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Selangor sounds like my kind of place. You had me at paragliding, white water rafting and hiking – all things I definitely enjoy! I always just hear about Kuala Lumpur, which I have to admit I don’t have a whole lot of interest in visiting because it seems like just another massive city to me.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I totally agree with you. Even I am not a big fan of a concrete jungle. And Selangor came as a breath of fresh air. It’s a fantastic place to explore for adventure lovers. And I am sure you’ll totally love it.

  • Selangor came as a surprise to me as well. You have summed up the trip really well. Paragliding was a great start to the 5 days adventures.And of course, I would want to go back for its art and bird festivals.

  • Barb says:

    I have never heard about Selangor, but it sounds like a really amazing destination to see. I agree, the fact that the people are friendly and it is accessible without a visa, all make it very appealing.

    • Hey Amy,

      I am so glad you found the article interesting enough to comment. And I admit, I too had not heard about Selangor until the beginning of this year. It still has a lot to offer and very convenient to explore.

  • Luxury is so affordable in Malaysia… totally love it. I would love to spend a few days in the lap of Nature and unwind. KL sure is one of my fav cities in Asia!

    • Hey Sonia,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment. That’s the best part about Selangor – it doesn’t cut a deep hole in your pocket even when you indulge in luxury. I totally loved my experience and i ma sure even you would.

  • jitaditya says:

    I like the fact that you always manage to get great photographs even in the most trying situations. I wouldn’t even have thought of a selfie while flying.

    Coming to Selangor, I am liking the looks of this area. There seems to be a colonial vibe, that old world charm, mixed with modern touristy things.

    • Thanks a lot. Actually, it wasn’t a selfie. I am the last person to click selfies. I was recording a video of the whole experience and i could do that because my pilot was really awesome.

      And, yes Selangor has a lot to offer. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Shibani says:

    What a unique way of exploring Malaysia. Although I’ve never been there yet, but will surely tae your tips along to maximise my exploration 😉

  • Lisa says:

    I’ve only heard good things about Selangor, and now your post proves it! I like all the cultural diversity there, with the Muslim Malays, the Chinese etc, it makes for an interesting trip. How brave you were to try the paragliding, I think I’d be too scared! Those sunset views from the Avani Resort are fab.

  • Abigail Sinsona says:

    Ah posts like this make me realize the wonders of traveling! I’ve been to Malaysia a couple of years ago. However, I wasn’t able to do all of these. I only got to see the Twin Towers from this list. The Sunway Lagoon sounds so fun and interesting. I need to try that one!

    • Hey Abigail,

      That’s a signal for you to go back 😛 In fact, I too didn’t do any of this during my first two visits. There’s only so much one can do in a stipulated time. Selangor is beautiful and you would totally love it.

  • The heart of Malaysia really got a lot to offer, I read the 10 amazing reasons to visit with eyes wide open. If not for the last paragraph that said you were being sarcastic, I would have traveled down to your place. Haha. Nice post with a nice title technique

    • Hey Lydia,

      I am so glad I could get your attention until the last paragraph. It’s really a beautiful place and I thought a place like that should get special treatment even while penning down my experience 🙂

  • Christopher Mitchell says:

    Well, one thing is for sure, and that is that I’m NEVER visiting 😉 I mean, it looks like a wonderful place that just wouldn’t absolutely perfectly suit me!

  • I loved the fact that getting visa is so easy for Indians visiting Malaysia. Also something else which piqued my interest is the provision of getting the Bora Bora and Maldives experience with one-fifth of its price. The resort looks so lovely, thanks for introducing me to it.

    • Hey Tania,

      Having no visa hassles is such a big point for anyone thinking to travel. And Malaysia did the right thing. On top of that luxury experience was too good a thing to miss. You should visit Selangor too. You’ll absolutely love it 🙂

  • aareeba says:

    Your Blog title made it more interesting to read and know the answers for my WHY’s lol After reading your post, I feel like flying to Malaysia and experience each and every place as it is budget friendly 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post and last but not the least, Your pictures are amazing 🙂

  • Ha says:

    Thank you for introducing a new place! I didn’t heard about it and your post just convinced me to go there! I love the part Affordable Luxury. Would be so nice to stay in those places.

  • Deni says:

    I’m a bit confused as to why this is a 10 reasons why you should never visit Selangor list, when it seems so magical! I would love to visit a place that offers the same incredible cabin experience as the Maldives for 1/5 of the price! And I would love how friendly the locals are! It’s definitely put Selangor on my radar!

  • Swati Jain says:

    Your blog title made me wonder why you are suggesting NOT to visit Selangor haha 😉 A destination which has been on my mind for long and you summed it up really well. Lets see if my luck permits. Hope to make it here really soon 🙂

  • Sreekar says:

    Nice title Archana! I was sharpening my knives (read pencils) when I read that title. Glad to see you listed out the amazing ones to do there. Great pics too!

  • Amelie says:

    I have never even heard of Selangor but it sounds like such an amazing place with everything I like ! Adventures are my guilty pleasure and I always wanted to try out paragliding ! Kuala Kubu Bharu seems like the perfect spot to check that off my bucket list.
    I will “never” visit Selangor after your 10 reasons for sure 😉
    Thank you and Greetings

  • How lovely that you’re dreaming about multi country road trip. You made me do the same! 😀 Such a nice fact I’ve learned that all those territories were once under Selangor. Sounds interesting all together, and you’re so right – it has all you can possibly need or want when going to a new travel destination. Nice post, thanks! 🙂

  • There is indeed so much to see and experience in Selangor, Malaysia. I love the fact that it is a complete family destination. Right from natural attractions, to adventure activities, to shopping options, the place seems to have everything. There is something for the entire family and I am sure no one will complain. I would say it is an ideal family getaway.

  • I agree we tend to choose locations based on the potential of likes and comments on social media. Of course those places are popular for a reason but you should never underestimate lesser know cities and towns. I will and Selangor to my to go to list…or not 😉

  • Well I can’t say I’ve ever chosen to visit a destination because of potential facebook posts and photos, Selangor does sound pretty fantastic. Kuala Kubu Bharu sounds like a total adventure travel destination and I’m totally intrigued by the Palace of the Golden Horses. What a magical name.

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