Romancing Ladakh in Winters

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Frozen Ladakh in Winters

Ladakh in Winters

A poem by Siddarth Dudheria on his experience of visiting Ladakh in Winters

Icy cold winds, dry sand

Tall peaks and low valleys

Trees bereft of leaves, standing tall and gaunt

Animals grazing on the barren land, thick hides to flaunt

Humans, young and old, all huddled near the flaming bukhari,

to earn some heat for the heart and for the body


Water knows no destination as it turns into ice, stays put

Kahwa and thukpa, the only food that counters the shiver


By foot is the only journey possible, for it unfurls nature’s harsh beauty,

the undulating sand dunes and the ever unassailable peaks


Such is Ladakh in Winters where only the best of friends or the worst of enemies dare appear,

Such is the warmth in winters that once you befriend the cold, everything else is present and clear.

If you too are planning to visit Ladakh in Winters, my experience of visiting Changthang would come handy for you. And, if you are still undecided these 10 reasons to visit Ladakh in Winters will definitely help you.

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