Pahadi House – Putting ‘ECO’ in the Ecotourism

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Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, Har fikr ko dhuyen mein udata chala gaya.

(I kept giving life a company, I blew every worry into a mist of smoke)

In 1961, Dev Anand’s name got permanently marked with this evergreen song and today after 55 years it still inspires generation after generation. Abhay Sharma, took this inspiration a step ahead by doing something which most people won’t even dream. He along with his partner decided to put ‘Eco’ in the Ecotourism without having any formal training or resources. All they had was an idea and their strong conviction to make it happen. But before I narrate their story, let me start with the basics.

Pahadi house


Ecotourism is perhaps the most over-used and misused word in the travel industry. But do we really understand its meaning or do we just randomly throw it to sound cool?

A background research revealed that Ecotourism is defined by The International Ecotourism Society as, “Responsible Travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.” If a hotel, resort or a travel company is slacking on any of the two then they are cheating. Businesses sometimes use Ecotourism dishonestly either to get subsidies or to appeal to a fast growing breed of conscientious travelers. Usually they would invest in a property but do nothing to protect and uplift the local economy, biodiversity, culture and heritage. But Pahadi House is following the Ecotourism principles to the T.



Two Pahadi (mountain) boys, Abhay Sharma and Yash Bhandari saw a dream of spreading the Pahadi culture beyond the mountains. Unlike most of the youth they did not get attracted by the glitz and glamour of the Metros. They decided to stay put in their backyard, Uttarakhand, to turn the tide around and reverse the migration of village youth to towns. Through their ‘Pahadi House’ Homestay venture they are not only spreading the genuine taste of Pahadi hospitality but are also providing employment opportunities to the locals.

The duo restores the old, abandoned or damaged houses and converts them into comfortable Homestays, which provides the real taste of ECOTOURISM to its guests. And in the process they are solving an ever-growing need of today’s city dwellers – satiate the craving for unadulterated raw experiences. At Pahadi House, the unadulterated Pahadi culture is served through mouth-watering food delicacies, local handcrafts and handpicked adventure activities.

abhay best


Pahadi House is situated at Kanatal amidst the mountain viewing glaciers and greenery all around. You can walk through the clouds, view the Tehri Lake and inhale lungs full of fresh air.

Organic farming

Homegrown organic farm at Pahadi House

Pahadi house is like a retreat. The melodious sound of the chirping birds work as your alarm. Freshly plucked farm fresh organic food keeps your tummy happy. Pollution free crisp air detoxifies your lungs. Dreamy landscapes infuse a new life in your groggy eyes. Yoga cleanses your body and soul. And not just that, Pahadi House in-house chef ensures you feel at-home by preparing food as you prefer. However, sone pe suhaga would be if you take over the Kitchen and show your culinary skills. At least I would do that. Although I have no culinary talent to boast of :p

So what are you waiting for? Book your next holiday at any of the Pahadi Houses.



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PS: This is not a paid post. I only write about things that I strongly feel about. For the first time I have written about a travel startup because I believe ideas like these should be supported. Ecotourism will remain an idea only until spread by like minded people. I am doing my bit. Would be great if you can do your bit 🙂



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