Living in a treehouse: a luxury nature resort near Shimla

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As soon as the mercury touches 40 in India, a mad surge can be seen in the number of visitors rushing to the Himalayas, to evade the unbearable heat and humidity. The Google search for places to visit near Delhi /Chandigarh /Lucknow /Mumbai /Chennai /Bangalore /Kolkata and others increase manifolds. However, most tourists still stick to the same old hill stations such as Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, and Mussorie. Thereby putting way more pressure on Himalayan hamlets than what they are capable of handling. Consequently, the destinations have to battle all kinds of short term and long-term issues like the water crisis, accommodation shortage, long traffic jams, increased tariffs, below average service and climate change, among others. When I was searching for a summer weekend getaway option for a family of three (me, my wife and the kiddo), we didn’t want to be a part of the problem. So, we decided to opt for an alternate destination and more eco-friendly accommodation. While there are a few nature resorts near Shimla, we settled for a treehouse in Shogi located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was like going back to our roots and trying a stay option we had never experienced before.

Treehouse at Shogi, Shimla, Himachal

The Journey

Being close to Shimla, we opted for a self-drive weekend trip. Fully tanked up, our SUV cruised at a decent speed that allowed us to enjoy the paradisiacal views on the way. We took around five hours to cover a distance of 227 Km.

Drive to the nature resort in Shogi near Shimla, Himachal
Drive to the nature resort in Shogi near Shimla, Himachal

While the journey was breath-taking with views of towering peaks, blue-greyish sky studded with fluffy clouds, fruit-laden orchards, and crystal transparent water bodies, it was the anticipation of staying in a treehouse that we were most excited for. Our excitement further enhanced on the last stretch of the journey – 4 km from the resort – we took a diversion path from the highway that led us into the Forest Area and eventually to the Tree House resort. It was one of the most serene and tranquil drives I had taken lately. I would any day choose this drive over a flight.

Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla
Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla, Himachal

The Incredible Tree House Experience

As our vehicle gently glided into the resort, our exhilaration reached an all-time high. We couldn’t wait to check our home for the weekend.

The treehouse offered a choice of five cosy Pinewood Chalets, perfect for couples or small families like us, and three duplex chalets, ideal for large families or group of friends. We stayed in the former, which was a stilt-perched treehouse that married the traditional Himachali architecture to Scandinavian minimalist design. 

Our Pinewood Chalet bedroom at Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla
Our Pinewood Chalet bedroom at Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla

An all-wood treehouse, right in the middle of a forest, embraced on all sides by greenery and nature evoked a feeling of living in the clouds. Though it was not a Treehouse in a literal sense as it had steel columns inside, yet it didn’t feel any less divine.

And the room’s balcony was the most exclusive corner in the house. We were left dumbstruck when we heard the melodious sounds of birds we had never heard before. Matching their melodies were their eye-catching vibrant feathers and beaks. Mesmerized by the atmospheric sounds, we ended up spending maximum time in the balcony and savoured several rounds of tea and snacks. 

The balcony of our Pinewood Chalet at Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla
The balcony of our Pinewood Chalet at Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi Shimla

Although we did take many photographs, yet no camera can showcase the beauty of what we witnessed. With no trace of pollution, every moment spent there was highly refreshing and rejuvenating for both the mind as well as the soul. A feeling akin to meditation. 

If like us, you crave for a quaint stay in the Himalayas, away from the crazy gadget-savvy world, a treehouse stay is for you. Our stay was a blissful rendezvous with mother nature. Our room with more than 85% wood as a construction material, gave a very raw and surreal experience. We slept like babies.

Suro Luxury Resort: one of the best luxury resorts near Shimla
Suro Luxury Resort: one of the best luxury resorts near Shimla

Overall, it was a fantastic experience of staying in a luxury nature resort, and we would highly recommend the visitors to let go of the usual stay options in Shimla and go for Suro Luxury Resort in Shoghi for a surprisingly pleasant stay amidst nature. 


About 16 km from Shimla, 100 km from Chandigarh, 347 km from New Delhi  

Reaching there

Drive to Shogi or fly to Shimla followed by a taxi ride

Travel Tips 

  • Staying in a nature resort means more mosquitoes. So, carry a mosquito repellent
  • Don’t forget to carry dry snacks for Evening Tea
  • Plan your trip for at least three days and, if possible, book in advance
  • Visit the Suro Village, which is adjoining the resort
  • Where to go next – Thanedar, Sarahan, Sangla or Spiti

Have you ever stayed in any luxury nature resorts near Shimla or anywhere else, if yes, please do share your feedback in the comment box.

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