Honest review of staying at Fortune Park Moksha McLeod Ganj

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Where to stay and best things to do in McLeodganj and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh
Where to stay and best things to do in McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh

Monsoon paints a whole new picture in the charming landscapes of McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala. Raindrops dance on leaves, mist wraps around mountains, and the scent of wet earth fills the air. It’s a season of magic, and I couldn’t resist exploring these Himachali gems during this time. But with the rain-soaked beauty also comes the need for a cosy retreat. While there are hundreds if not thousands of accommodations to choose from, the best place to stay is in McLeod Ganj – whether you are looking for luxury hotels in McLeod Ganj with the best view or offbeat places to stay in McLeod Ganj. Whether you are a couple looking for some privacy, a family looking to bond, a luxury seeker looking for 5-star hotels or a budget traveller searching for the cheapest homestays, McLeod Ganj has an option for every budget and requirement. Join me as I share my personal journey of discovering the hidden allure of McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala in the monsoon and finding the perfect nest to nestle in amidst the showers.

Finding the best place to stay in McLeod Ganj Dharamshala

Nestled amid the enchanting Strawberry Hills, Satobari, near Dal Lake, McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, Fortune Park Moksha beckoned me with promises of tranquillity and luxury. Join me on a personal journey as I recount my unforgettable monsoon getaway, where nature’s beauty harmonizes with modern indulgence, offering an experience that truly soothes the soul.

Location of Fortune Park Moksha McLeod Ganj- a Monsoon Oasis

As the last week of July unfolded, I found myself enveloped by the serene embrace of Fortune Park Moksha. Located just 5 km from the vibrant heart of McLeod Ganj, the hotel’s unique position near Dal Lake and Strawberry Hills offered a monsoon escape unlike any other. The allure of the Dhauladhar range, untouched by the chaos of the city, cast a spell on me, reminding me of the serenity that only nature can provide. Waking up to a valley view adorned with fluffy clouds became a cherished city-dweller’s dream.

Sustainable Luxury in Every Corner

Upon entering my junior suite, I immediately felt comfort and elegance. General Manager Arun Kumar personally welcomed me, and I was greeted with a local welcome drink before a seamless check-in process.

My junior suite in Fortune Park Moksha Hotel, McLeod ganj
My junior suite in Fortune Park Moksha Hotel, McLeod Ganj

The spacious layout and meticulous attention to detail created an ambience that felt like a home away from home. A valley-facing view added a touch of magic to each moment, inviting me to savour the sights and sounds of nature. Fortune Park Moksha’s dedication to sustainability shone through its initiative to plant 15 trees monthly, underscoring its commitment to preserving the pristine beauty surrounding me.

Rooms and Other Amenities for a Luxury Stay

Fortune Park Moksha is a 4-star property featuring 59 well-appointed rooms, including 36 Standard Rooms, 20 Fortune Club Rooms and 3 Suites. The rooms are spread across three blocks: White Mountain Block, Riflehorn Block and Christmas Block, each with its charm and offering an ideal retreat-like experience for city dwellers like me looking for relaxation and peace in the lap of mountains.

There are three blocks in Fortune Park Moksha Hotel McLeod Ganj
There are three blocks in Fortune Park Moksha Hotel McLeod Ganj.

I stayed in a junior suite in the White Mountain Block. The tasteful decor and ample space catered to couples or families, complete with a valley-facing view. My room featured essential in-room amenities such as an LCD TV, Wi-Fi, an electronic safe, tea and coffee maker, toiletries, a hairdryer, a daily newspaper, a fruit basket, and snacks, among other thoughtful conveniences.

My room featured all the essential in-room amenities required for a comfortable stay.
My room featured all the essential in-room amenities required for a comfortable stay.

Room service was available from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The hotel offered foreign currency exchange services and a dedicated travel desk for foreign travellers to address all travel queries.

Indulgence and Rejuvenation: A Spa Experience Like No Other

After a hectic schedule preceding my McLeod Ganj visit, my body craved the soothing touch of a massage. Thankfully, the outsourced Wellness centre at Fortune Park Moksha became my haven of relaxation. An hour-long deep tissue massage, expertly administered by the skilled masseuse Pratima, transported me to a realm of tranquillity. The use of rejuvenation oil, coupled with the serene ambience of the spa, nurtured both body and soul, leaving me revitalized and ready to embrace each day’s adventure.

Wellness centre at Fortune Park Moksha
After a tiring day, don’t forget to get a massage done at the wellness centre at Fortune Park Moksha.

Besides the rejuvenating wellness centre, the hotel boasts an outdoor swimming pool with a dedicated kid’s pool, steam and sauna rooms, a gym, a conference hall, and a Recreation Zone featuring table tennis, chess, carom, PlayStation 3, and Xbox.

A Gastronomic Affair: Savouring Every Bite

My culinary journey at Fortune Park Moksha was an exploration of flavours that spanned continents. From relishing the rich tapestry of local Himachali cuisine to embarking on a gastronomic adventure through Lebanon, Tibet, and South India, every dish was a revelation. While everything I ate was delicious, I loved the Himachali Thali (Kangri Dham), Colocasia leaf fritters (patrode pakoras) and the Lebanese platter Executive Chef Roshan Thakur prepared. Not to be forgotten, the monsoon-special “patriwali chai” experience – savouring roasted bhutta (corn), cutting chai, and piping hot pakoras – a culinary indulgence mirroring the enchantment of the season.

Food was the biggest highlight at Fortune Park Moksha Mcleod Gang
Food was the biggest highlight at Fortune Park Moksha Mcleod Gang

A Warm Welcome: A Personal Touch to Hospitality

I have always believed that staff is the soul of any property. Their warmth and care can either make or break a holiday experience. Fortunately, the staff at Fortune Park Moksha embodied genuine hospitality and were always ready to assist.  The heart-warming hospitality of Fortune Park Moksha’s staff elevated my stay to an extraordinary level. General Manager Arun Verma’s leadership was evident throughout the property. Chef Roshan Thakur’s culinary expertise, F&B Executive Satish Parmar’s attentive service, and the warm interactions with the accommodating Driver, Permod, added an authentic touch to my experience. Their dedication and care fostered a sense of belonging, elevating my stay to an unforgettable memory.

The heart-warming hospitality of Fortune Park Moksha McLeod Ganj's staff elevated my stay to an extraordinary level.
The heart-warming hospitality of Fortune Park Moksha McLeod Ganj’s staff elevated my stay to an extraordinary level.

Exploring the Monsoon Charms of McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala

While Fortune Park Moksha cocooned me in luxury, the allure of McLeod Ganj’s surroundings enticed me to explore. In the three days I spent in McLeod Ganj, I explored almost all the highlights of McLeod Ganj-Dharamshala. Each destination unveiled a different facet of the region, from the cultural enchantment of Barnet Village to the serene mystique of Dal Lake. Naddi Point’s sweeping panorama and the captivating Bhagsu Waterfall immersed me in the captivating beauty of the Himalayas.

The best places to visit in McLeod Gang (L to R) - Barnet Village, Tea Gardens, Dharamshala Town, and Bhagsu Waterfall
The best places to visit in McLeod Gang (L to R) – Barnet Village, Tea Gardens, Dharamshala Town, and Bhagsu Waterfall

My curiosity led me to the Bhagsu Temple, McLeod Ganj market, St. John’s Baptist Church, Dharamshala Temple, Dharamshala Ropeway, Himalayan Brew Tea Gardens, and the Dharamshala Stadium, each contributing to a rich and vibrant cultural experience.

The best places to visit in McLeod Gang (L to R) – Dharamshala Ropeway, Dal Lake, Dalai Lama Temple, and Bhagsu Waterfall

A Safe Haven: Monsoon Escapade Minus the Worry

As I revelled in the monsoon magic, it was reassuring to know that Fortune Park Moksha remained unaffected by the landslides that often impacted other regions, such as Manali. This added layer of safety allowed me to fully immerse myself in the beauty of the surroundings without any concerns, making my stay even more enjoyable.

McLeod Ganj Dharamshala are relatively safer hill stations to visit in Himachal Pradesh during monsoon.
McLeod Ganj Dharamshala are relatively safer hill stations to visit in Himachal Pradesh during monsoon.

Conclusion: A Monsoon Serenade to Remember

My departure from Fortune Park Moksha was bittersweet, as I carried with me a treasure trove of memories and experiences that would forever be etched in my heart. The hotel’s unique blend of luxury, nature, and warmth created a monsoon escapade beyond comparison. It was not merely a stay but a symphony of indulgence, relaxation, and exploration that left me yearning for more.

Fortune Park Moksha beckons with open arms for those seeking a monsoon retreat that encompasses luxury, safety, and the unspoiled beauty of the Himalayas. To embark on your own monsoon odyssey, I encourage you to visit Fortune Hotel’s website or contact their reservation desk. Your personalized monsoon escape awaits amidst the captivating embrace of McLeod Ganj’s serenity.

How to book Fortune Park Moksha, McLeod Ganj

Whether you’re seeking solace, adventure, or simply an escape from the ordinary, Fortune Park Moksha offers a monsoon experience like no other. Book your stay now and let the enchantment of the Himalayas captivate your senses. You can book the hotel directly by visiting the Fortune Hotel’s website or through any third-party OTA such as MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, Booking and many more.

Practical tips on exploring McLeod Ganj- Dharamshala

  • How to reach: With close proximity to Delhi/ NCR/ Chandigarh, McLeod Ganj has excellent connectivity by air, rail and road. I flew from Delhi to Gaggal Airport, Dharamshala, from where it just took 45 mins (24 km) to reach the hotel. Planning a road trip will take approximately 6 hours (270 km) from Chandigarh and 11 hours (510 km) from New Delhi.
  • When is the best time to visit McLeod Ganj? McLeod Ganj is a year-round destination that can be visited any time of the year, but most people visit during the summer months (March to June) and the pre-winter months.
    (September to November). However, I loved my stray during the monsoon season as there was less crowd, and everything was cheap. Personally, I cherished my monsoon visit for its smaller crowds and affordability. However, note that McLeod Ganj is one of India’s wettest places, and it experiences daily rain during the monsoon season
  • How many days are enough for McLeod Ganj – Keep 3-5 days to explore the area. Here is a day-wise itinerary:
    • Day 1 – Arrival in Mcleodganj, visit the Dal Lake and Barnet village, and watch a sunset at the Naddi Point.
    • Day 2 – Start your day by visiting St. John’s Baptist church, then trek to Bhagsu temple and waterfall. While returning, spend some time in the McLeod Ganj market and watch the sunset at Himalayan Brew Tea Gardens.
    • Day 3 – Visit the Dalai Lama Temple, Dharamshala Ropeway and Dharamshala stadium.
    • Day 4 – Early start for the Triund Trek and camp at the peak for a night.
    • Day 5 – Engage in paragliding before departure.

What next?

After McLeod Ganj, I embarked on a journey to explore the beautiful hill stations of Dalhousie and Khajjiar, which I had visited twenty years ago. Stay tuned for upcoming articles as I rediscover these destinations two decades after my first visit, gauging their transformations over time.

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I had the privilege of being hosted by Fortune Park Moksha McLeod Ganj. However, everything mentioned above is rooted in my personal experience at the property. Kindly refrain from using any content without my written permission.


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    The review of Fortune Park Moksha in McLeod Ganj showcases a positive blend of luxury and nature. The detailed description provides insights for a serene and indulgent monsoon getaway experience.

  • màn hình led says:

    The article beautifully captures the allure of McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala during the monsoon season. The writer’s stay at Fortune Park Moksha showcases sustainable luxury, stunning landscapes, and a warm hospitality experience. A perfect monsoon retreat!

  • Manoj Kumar Majumdar says:

    Wonderful description and we are charmed and want to spend 04 days in Fortune Park Moksha hotel from 8th till 11th Oct.’23. We are both retired senior citizen and are looking for a place to relax and enjoy tranquility.
    We are residents of Kolkata and shall welcome your advice for travel to McLeod Ganj and surrounding areas.

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