Free Travel Apps to Guide You through Southeast Asia

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The travel industry has changed immensely in the last five years or so; one moment, we’re buying travel books at subway stations and asking the front desk for itinerary ideas, and the next moment, we’re booking flights and meeting travel companions with the help of smartphone apps. It’s obviously still possible to trek across the globe without our devices, but the majority of us have come to know that Free Travel Apps make it miles easier to explore different parts of the globe. We all have our app preferences, but everyone can probably agree that among these smartphone travel essentials include XE Currency, Google Translate, TimeOut and many others, in addition to location specific apps in order to make life easier on the road.

To think that something as small as your phone can contain a wealth of information to replace physical guidebooks and maps is something that we probably wouldn’t have really expected in this industry, especially with bloggers arguing whether technology has cheapened the travel experience or not. But statistics demonstrate that travel is rising above other popular app types and catching up with top categories such as games, which is currently dominating the market with mobile friendly interactive puzzle games. While travel apps may never see similar download rates like Candy Crush, explorers like you and I are continually experimenting with a myriad of smartphone tools to discover the best apps that satisfy their wanderlust.

One of the most rewarding trips that I’ve ever embarked on by far was my tour through SE Asia, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of my iPhone. If you’re thinking about heading to the region in the near future, make sure you have these handy apps on your gadget:


Narrow down your flight and hotel searches to SE Asia with this app. With no hidden costs and “Smart Combo” options that grant you up to 40% in savings, Traveloka is your ticket to cheap travel around the globe’s top backpacking destination.


See what people had to say about the restaurants in your current city with Foody. Most of the eateries listed in the app are in Vietnam but there are plenty of reviews of food places in neighboring countries.


Grivy is the first app in the region to offer bids on amazing deals, from concert tickets to day trips and spa treatments to dining packages. Bidding can start as low as $1.

So these were some of my favourite travel apps. What are yours?


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