Is Ambrai worth the hype? Here are the 10 best restaurants in Udaipur

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Udaipur is a city in India where you can either dine like a maharaja relishing a multi-course feast or enjoy a simple ‘unlimited food’ thaali in a budget family restaurant. Wherever you might eat, one thing is assured – the food will always be delicious. All your taste buds will be rewarded – be it hardcore non-vegetarians looking for famous Rajasthani Laal-maans or vegetarians searching for the 800/- per kilo ‘Ker sangri’ (my favourite Rajasthani dish) along with daal baati churma. Whether you want to go on a romantic couple dinner or celebrate someone’s birthday or simply enjoy a fun meal with friends, Udaipur will have a restaurant just right for you. While circumventing the narrow lanes of Udaipur, be ready to get surprised by its culinary offering. You’ll be amazed to see how the city’s food scene go beyond Rajasthani fare. From picturesque fine dining restaurants on the lakeside to chic European-style cafes — the possibilities are endless. Here are the best restaurants and cafes of Udaipur that Travel See Write highly recommends:

The best part about dining in Udaipur is its open-air restaurants
The best part about dining in Udaipur is its open-air restaurants

The best restaurants in Udaipur

  1. Ambrai Restaurant at the Amet Haveli is one of the top restaurants in Udaipur when you are looking for a romantic candle light dinner lakeside. The expansive view of Lake Pichola, City Palace, Jag Mandir, Gangaur Ghat, Lal Ghat and even the Sajjangarh Fort is something that will make you believe you are living a dream.The restaurant has ample options when it comes to picking a cuisine – you can choose from North Indian, Mughlai, Continental, or Chinese here. I had ordered a mix of some mughlai starters (tandoori aloo nazakat, Dahi ke Kebab, Ambrai ke Falafel, and corn sheekh kabab), Rajasthani main course (Ker Sangri, Govind Gatta Curry, Daal-Baati-Churma, miss roti and pyaaz mirchi roti) and their signature mocktail. The food was delicious and quite filling. Frequented by many visitors, both Indian and foreign, the restaurant mostly remains full; therefore, make sure to make a prior booking.
Ambrai Restaurant is famous for its expansive view of the Udaipur city
Ambrai Restaurant is famous for its expansive view of the Udaipur city
  1. Khamma Ghani Restaurant – This upscale Indian restaurant near the Rang Sagar Lake is another must-visit Lakeview restaurant in Udaipur. The never-ending views over the lake give this restaurant its major draw and appeal. The best time to visit this place is before sunset when the Rang Sagar Lake and the city of Udaipur are coloured in the golden glow. Once the night sets in, the twinkling stars, moon decked up on the eternal dark blue sky ceiling, make the atmosphere even more romantic. Their authentic Rajasthani cuisine is to die for.  Loved their starters and main course. Beteween Ambrai and Khamma Ghani, I liked the later’s food more. Though Ambrai will score more on location.
Khamma Ghani, a lakeside restaurant in udaipur, has both great ambiance and food.
Khamma Ghani, a lakeside restaurant in udaipur, has both great ambiance and food.
  1. 1559 restaurant – Named after the historical year (1559 AD) when Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udai Singhji, 1559 AD restaurant takes you to the bygone era. The building is about 95 years old, has been kept the same with a bit of fusion concept of art nouveau. With a few contemporary designs and ancient artefacts, this is the perfect blend of old and new. The old world hospitality is best delivered through its multi-cuisines. The classical live music played at the restaurant made the whole experience quite memorable and soothing.
1559 AD is another wonderful fine dining restaurant in Udaipur
1559 AD is another wonderful fine dining restaurant in Udaipur
  1. Upré by 1559 AD – A terrace restaurant with a beautiful view of the City Palace and Lake Palace, Upre is located in the Lake Pichola Hotel. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers a great variety – from local delicacies to international dishes. The elegant and chic décor of the restaurant with light curtains give the visitors their own privacy. The tranquil and peaceful atmosphere makes it the best place to enjoy the beauty of Udaipur.
Upre by 1559 AD is quite famous for its lakeside view
Upre by 1559 AD is quite famous for its lakeside view
  1. Udai Kothi – Having been voted as the “best wedding venue” in Rajasthan and the best boutique hotel of India by the National Geographic Traveller, Udai Koothi is a must-visit place in Udaipur. Travel+Leisure voted Udai Kothi as the Best Affordable Romantic Hotels, and UrbanNista&Co. said it is one of the 21 world’s sexiest rooftop pools. Looking at the long list of awards won, it won’t be wrong to say that Udai Kothi has already left a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. If you want to surprise someone special with a truly romantic dining experience, the rooftop terrace restaurant at Udai Kothi hotel will be a great choice. Set around a pool, it will leave an everlasting charming experience. You can choose from an array of multi-cuisine dishes comprising Rajasthani, Indian, Chinese and Continental fares. The romantic ambience with plush backgrounds, moody lighting and delish food on the plate will truly set your mood on fire.
Udai Kothi is another restaurant with great romantic vibe
Udai Kothi is another restaurant with great romantic vibe
  1. Millets of Mewar: If you are a health-conscious person, this is a good health food restaurant. You can find a variety of vegan and gluten-free options. The ingredients used are organic, gluten-free and raw. A must-visit for those with a passion for local food and the environment.
  1. Neel Kamal Restaurant at Taj Lake Palace is a must-visit at least once in your life. But to get to this restaurant, you need to be the resident guest of the Taj Lake Palace hotel. Royalty and elegance radiate from Neel Kamal’s décor, with throne-like chairs, subtle colours reflected in the lily pond, and a hospitality team ready to take guests on an enchanting gastro0mic journey through the fragrances and flavours of Rajasthan. The live classical music playing in the background completes the refined atmosphere.
  1. Darikhana – Part of Jagmandir Island Palace, Jag Mandir’s Darikhana offers seating indoors and outdoors. While the food menu is limited, the restaurant is renowned for its excellent and wide selection of alcohol. Overlooking the City Palace and the Karni Mata Temple, the restaurant offers a serene and calm experience. This is one of the must-visit restaurants in Udaipur. 
  1. Savage Garden: Tucked away in one of the old city lanes, this atmospheric café-restaurant is located inside a pleasant, airy blue-coloured building. Its partial open-air setting and numerous flowering plants make Savage Garden a charming place for meals and snacks. The menu offers delectable continental fare. Their pastas, sandwiches, soups and desserts are worth trying.
  1. Enigma: Located at Kamlawadi in Udaipur, Enigma is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Chinese, Indian and Continental fares. Not only does the restaurant offer delectable food and drinks, but the view from the terrace is stunning, to say the least. You can see the panoramic view of the entire Udaipur city from its roof. The restaurant is also a great place to click some Instagram worthy pictures – you can get clicked on carved winged couple chairs kept indoors or throne and hand-shaped ones at the rooftop. The live music made the environment even more soothing. Also, I loved their open-air pizza and cocktail bar.

Besides the above, I tried ‘Soul Bistro and Lounge’ by Sun and Moon Udaipur on a local friend’s recommendation. They claim to be one of the best rooftops café in Udaipur but, frankly, didn’t find them extraordinary. In fact, the food and drinks were pretty average, and the environment was quite loud. Maybe it’s meant more for a younger audience looking to party and not a visitor trying to soak the romantic vibe of the city.

While there is no shortage of the best fine dining restaurants in Udaipur with a great view, the city also has a rich legacy in street food. Your craving for street food items such as samosa, kachori, aloo bada, vada pav, or dabeli will get fully satiated at Sukhadia Circle, Chetak Circle or Mumbai Market. Some places worth checking out are Bohra Ghanpati Mishtan for samosas, Shri Lala Mishtan for kachoris and Bhole Nath Nashta Center for poha. 

And, if you are looking for some cheap but good quality restaurants in Udaipur, you can’t go wrong with Natraj Dining Hall and Restaurant. Their thali is a must. Places like Bawarchi Restaurant, Queen Café, and Jasmin are worth visiting too.

A thalli is a must at Natraj restaurant in Udaipur
A thalli is a must at Natraj restaurant in Udaipur

A few Rajasthani dishes that are an absolute must-try in Udaipur are Gatte ki sabzi, Ker Sangri, Laal Maans, Mawa Kacchori, Pyaaz Kacchori, Samosa, and Mewari Styled Curries.

Have you been to Udaipur? How was your experience? Do share it in the comment below.

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    My last trip before the lockdown was to Rajasthan and Udaipur indeed stands on top among other cities in Rajasthan. I was there for 3 nights and after reading the above article all the memories got refreshed. yes truly enjoyed having dinners especially in some of the beautiful restaurants but Dinner at Khamma Ghani indeed was an amazing experience. Having your meal with a beautiful lake in front of the eyes was an amazing experience. Lovely article.

  • Sudeep Roy says:

    I have been to a couple of the listed restaurants and they are indeed excellent choices.
    Though not listed here, I would also suggest Fateh Prakash and Aravali Rooftop (Radisson Blue), with marvelous views and really good food.

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