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Archana Singh, Travel See Write
Zipline Biking in Chocolate Hill Adventure Park, Bohol

A Brand Management Expert turned Travel Entrepreneur, who loves to explore offbeat places in search of untold human stories.

What sets me apart from the rest of the travel professionals is my result-oriented attitude and over 15-years of work experience in the fields of Brand Management, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Consumer Insight Mining, Media Planning, Event Management, Tie-Ups, and Public Relations.

Archana Singh, Travel See Write
Archana Singh, Travel See Write

Currently, I am heading my own venture Travel See Write, where using my rich Marcom Experience and Micro-Influencer abilities I help brands achieve their marketing and communication goals. Before following my passion wholeheartedly, I was associated with Starcom MediaVest Group as Connections Director on the entire Coca-Cola portfolio in the Philippines. 

Archana Singh, Founder, Travel See Write
Archana Singh, Founder, Travel See Write

I am driven by strong personal values of honesty, integrity, and sincerity. I have worked across categories like FMCG, Telecom, Beauty, Sports, Social Media, Technology, Retail, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Alcoholic Beverages, and Luxury among others. Successfully handled various Blue-chip brands like ESPN Star Sports, Zee Television Network, Suzuki, Sony, Microsoft, and Tata among many others in global advertising groups like Interpublic, WPP, Hakuhodo, and Dentsu. My thorough knowledge of design, brand and the marketing mix has helped me handle the entire media mix of brands.

Travel See Write: India's top blogger

With over 17-years of Marketing experience in India and abroad, I work as a Brand Consultant, Influencer, Photographer and Public Speaker. In 2018, I was the most awarded Travel Bloggers of India.

From articles, blog posts, social media mentions, photographs to videos, Travel See Write will develop content which not only gets you noticed but will be of interest to the readers and followers. Travel See Write has a strong social media following and regularly contributes to renowned publications around the world. Moreover, content creation and distribution is not the only way we can collaborate. We can collaborate in multiple ways anywhere in the world:



Travel See Write Public Speaking and Awards
Travel See Write Public Speaking and Awards
  1. Speaker at TEDx VBIT 2021
  2. Speaker at TEDx TIET Workshop 2020
  3. Speaker at TEDx Talks 2018
  4. Speaker at Influencer Summit and Awards 2021
  5. Speaker at DMS IIT Delhi – Paricharcha ’21
  6. Speaker at Millionaire Contentwallah Online conclave
  7. Organised India’s biggest Digital Influencer Conference and Awards out of India – Travel Earth Digital Influencers’ Convention and Earthy Awards, 2019
  8. Speaker at Adventure Travel World Summit, Sweden 2019 (ATWS2019)
  9. Speaker at Lonely Planet Magazine Travel Talks, India, 2019
  10. Speaker at MICE Global Congress and Awards, 2020
  11. Speaker at Tourism & Travel Tech Conference, 2019
  12. Speaker at BlogX 2019 conference 2019
  13. Speaker at IIM Udaipur Leap Day LitFest, 2019
  14. Speaker at Amity University, 2019
  15. Speaker at Youth Conclave, Delhi University, 2019
  16. Speaker at Himalayan Travel Mart, Nepal, 2017
  17. Speaker at Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) Dubai, 2018
  18. Speaker at TBEX 2017 Europe – Ireland, 2017
  19. Speaker at TBEX 2018 Europe – Czech Republic, 2018
  20. Speaker at ICIT Conference about Photo Tourism In India, 2018
  21. Speaker at Incredible India 2.0, 2018
  22. Speaker at Sabah Tourism Board Industry Conference, June 2018
  23. Most Influential Women Leaders in Travel Industry, Global MICE Congress and Awards
  24. Women Super Achiever, World Women Leadership Congress and Awards
  25. Won the sit-UP’s Blog of the Year 2019 award by TravMedia UK
  26. Won the Best Blogger award at Outlook Traveller Awards 2018
  27. Won the Best Individual Blog at SATTE Awards 2019 (South Asia’s largest Travel & Tourism show)
  28. Best Blogger for Offbeat Destinations at Conference on Photo Tourism in India 2018
  29. Best blogger award for People Photography at TBC Asia 2018
  30. Best blogger award for Women Empowerment at FEMMES Awards 2018
  31. Nominated for the best blogger at SATTE Awards 2018
  32. Won two awards and nominated for four in The Orange Flower Awards 2016
  33. Chosen as a fully hosted media from India by Adventure Travel Summit Tuscany 2018
  34. Chosen again as a fully hosted media from India by Adventure Travel Summit Sweden 2019
  35. Shortlisted as a hosted media for Asia’s first-ever #AdventureNext event
  36. Chosen as one among the world’s best 60 bloggers by Incredible India for The Great Indian Blog Train
  37. The first blogger to document the #AltoWOW trip by Maruti Suzuki and Outlook Traveller
  38. Won Singapore Invites Contest with Singapore Tourism Board for ‘Pulau Ubin: Rediscovering Sixties Singapore’ story
  39. Won a national travel writing contest for Malana story  from Holidify
  40. Won several photography Awards at Pixoto
  41. Selected as an Official Tourism contributor for Mekong Tourism Board
  42. Beyond Angkor Wat story on Cambodia published by the Indian Economist on their 11 channels
  43. Hosted Media Member of Adventure Travel Trade Association


Travel See Write is one of the most awarded Travel Bloggers of India
Travel See Write is one of the most awarded Travel Bloggers of India
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Travel See Write Published Work
Travel See Write Published Work
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  98. Upcoming stories: Lonely Planet, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, and Indian Express among others


  1. Online Session on how to make Travel as a Full-Time Career
  2. Partnered with GoSeekr for an online webinar on making a career in Travel
  3. Social Media Training of Sabah Tourism Board and its partners



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