7 Best short road trips from NYC

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During my two months solo trip around the US, I kept New York City for the last. Not because I thought the city didn’t have much to offer. But simply because I love exploring wilderness more than concrete jungle and I thought NYC would have more of the latter. I am happy to admit I was so wrong about the city in motion. New York is an exciting place to be in, and is simply loaded with bucket list attractions like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, Wall Street and the list goes on and on.

The city will never run out of options with its always upbeat energy. You can explore either by walking or taking a subway. And once you are done with sightseeing of city attractions, you should explore road-trip destinations that are within an easy driving distance. Tourists and New Yorkers love the city more for those countless short road trips from NYC you can enjoy.

Best Roadtrips from NYC

Best Roadtrips from NYC

So, whether you are looking for an easy weekend getaway or a romantic one, there is always a perfect destination nearby. You could be in a mood for a kick-back-and-relax type and raring to go for an outdoor adventure. Those short road trips in NYC will not disappoint you.  However, before hit the road this weekend, make sure that your vehicle or transport is in good shape and order. Kiwitaxi is highly popular among the locals and the tourists as it is a reliable service offers best services and professional drivers.

1.    Cold Spring

Towards the western boundary of the city lies this beautiful gem, which is just about fifty miles away. The riverside hamlet is filled with nature as well as antique shops and country store. Drive up here and spend the whole day relaxing and unwinding. You could even plan a picnic.

Pic Courtesy: Roban Kramer, under creative common 2.0 license

Pic Courtesy: Roban Kramer, under creative common 2.0 license

2.    Hudson

About two hours away from the city, Hudson is famous for its food and antiques. New Yorkers love coming here for the rustic fine dining experience as well as some rare retro finds. It is fun to explore the gorgeous Hudson River environment lined with quaint historic homes.

Pic Courtesy: Doug Kerr, under creative common 2.0 license

Pic Courtesy: Doug Kerr, under creative common 2.0 license

3.    Bear Mountain

Another popular road trip is the Bear Mountain, about an hour away. Escape from city madness during the early hours and reach the beautiful state located near the west bank of the Hudson River. Spend the day hiking and biking or fishing or swimming.

Pic courtesy: LunchboxLarry, under creative common 2.0 license

4.    New Hope, PA

The unassuming city is less than two hours away from NYC and is filled with indie boutiques, seasonal-focused eateries and different quaint spots for shopping. Once you reach, you can rent a bike to explore the stunning woodlands and meadows.

Pic: Courtesy: ScubaBear68, under creative common 2.0 license

Pic: Courtesy: ScubaBear68 under creative common 2.0 license

5.    New Paltz

Road trip to New Paltz is certainly the most historic one and is about 1hr 45 mins away from NYC. Learn about the history of the place once you reach, about the 17th-century Huguenot settlers, the reconstructed 1717 church or the historic homes.

Pic: Courtesy: jebb, under creative common 2.0 license

Pic: Courtesy: Jebb, under creative common 2.0 license

6.    Sea Girt, New Jersey

If you love beaches, then head for Sea Girt, NJ, about two hours away from NYC. The small town of Sea Girt boasts of beautiful beaches and is just the right spot for a bit of romance. There are elegant restaurants where you can get a few cocktails.

Pic: Courtesy: Jazz Guy , under creative common 2.0 license

Pic: Courtesy: Jazz Guy, under creative common 2.0 license

7.    Berkshires, MA

About 150 miles from NYC, this place takes less than two hours to reach. Experience the rural New England charm in its dense, lush forests. You could enjoy a picnic beside Berry Lake or try out exotic whiskeys and niche brews in Moe’s Tavern.

Pic: Courtesy: Kathryn under creative common 2.0 license

Pic: Courtesy: Kathryn under creative common 2.0 license

Have you ever been on any of these 7 Best Road trips from NYC? Did I miss out on any? Please feel free to share your feedback in comments section.


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  • Yukti says:

    These are cool and short road trips from NYC. I would love to visit Hudson due to beautiful river and historic homes in this place. Bear Mountain is a beautiful place with natural landscape. Waterfall at new Platz is stunning.

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