50 Plus Travel Destinations Around Mumbai

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Most of the people in Mumbai never truly get enough of the city, so they never step out of it. They are not to be blamed. There is so much beauty in Mumbai that there are very few reasons to leave this amazing city.

‘The 50 plus travel destinations around Mumbai, you ought to visit’ mentioned in the below list are just the reasons to leave this amazing city for a while. These destinations are suitable for every kind of traveller. Travelling is an adventure everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. Apart from being relaxing and rejuvenating, it teaches us how to be more confident and independent. Thus, one must travel!

The below list has some of the most picturesque and must-visit destinations around Mumbai. So, if youíre looking for a destination to visit near the city, then you must scroll through the list below. The destinations mentioned here are according to the time it will take for one to drive to these locations from the city. The closest destinations are Panvel, Karnala, Karjat, Alibaug and so on, while the furthest are Vengurle, Kolhapur, Amboli, Sawantwadi and more.

Looking for a fun road-trip with your friends? Then Diveagar, Daman, Dahanu are just for you! There are many of such amazing destinations listed with some more information in the detailed article of the below image. The detailed article speaks about the notable fact of the place, the ways you can travel comfortably and much more.
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