5 Cool Things to Do in Palm Springs, California, USA

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If you are headed to the United States this holiday season you need to look for the best places where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends. California is one of the best places where you can relax under the sun and enjoy the cool beaches as well. However, if you really want to get away from the sun-drenched beaches of California you can head to Palm Springs. One of the coolest spots in California to relax and unwind. Located on the western end of the Coachella Valley within the Colorado Desert, Palm Springs is somewhere between Los Angeles and San Diego on the map.

Palm Springs Windmills, California, USA

If you don’t like the rain to spoil your holiday and party plans Palm Springs is the best place to be as it receives more than 350 days of sunshine. Winter is definitely the best time of the year here when the number of residents here doubles up for partying and enjoying the best time in the desert. It is therefore recommended that you book your hotel room and villa in Palm Springs in advance. While Palm Springs offer a lot of options to spend a great time with your family and friends, here are the  5 cool things to do in Palm Springs.

1) Explore the Coachella Valley Preserve

Palm Springs Coachella Valley Reserve, California, USA

On the outside, it might seem like a vast stretch of barren land with desert sand and bushes, but the Coachella Valley Preserve is something that you must watch out for when you are in Palm Springs. If you are a nature lover and love to explore the nature in its untamed form this is the best place to be. Located 17 miles east of Palm Springs, it has Thousand Palms Oasis where you will find some of the rare wildlife.

It is important that you visit the visitor center at the entrance of the park. You sure don’t want to get lost hiking. You can also pick up the map of the trails and enjoy exploring nature as you come across it. The valley is home to endangered Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard. If you don’t want to risk hiking alone you can also find guided hikes here at reasonable rates.

2) Enjoy the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Pic by Don Graham, California, USA

If hiking is not your cup of tea you can explore and enjoy the Palm Springs aerial tramway that allows you to take bird’s eye view of the place. This is a must visit attraction as you can see the city of Palm Springs from the top. From the tramway, you can explore the San Jacinto Mountains and snow-covered peaks of Southern California. This is one of the best ways to take some great shots of the geography as you get to view the entire landscape as you climb up the mountain in the tramway. Once you have reached the top, you can enjoy your way back down on foot. And if you are feeling lazy, you can use the same tramway to climb down the mountain and save yourself some energy.

3) Visit Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum. Pic by Jay Cross, California, USA

If you are a history lover or if you are passionate about aircraft this is the place you don’t want to miss when you are in Palm Springs. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see an extensive collection of the aircraft used in the World War II. From Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star to the Grumman F7F Tigercat you can find all the aircraft lined up here for the visitors. While this place sounds like for adults only, but the museum does provide an area for the kids where they can sit in the aircraft cockpits and enjoy their own sweet time. The museum also has a parking lot, gift shop and a café and restrooms for families visiting the museum.

4) Picnic at the Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

If you are one of the active travelers Joshua Tree National Park is one of the places that you must explore. Nestled in the Little San Bernardino Mountains this place offers a great view of the Coachella Valley. This is also an ideal place for you to take pictures of the landscape. If you are a photographer, Joshua Tree National Park can provide you with great pictures that you can add to your collection. You can cover the area by hiking or just driving through. There are various on-site facilities as well like campgrounds, bookstores and restrooms and café that you can use. You can picnic at the tables provided around the park. This allows you to have a great one-day picnic experience with your loved ones at one of the coolest places in Palm Springs.

5) Shop Unlimited at Cabazon Outlets

Palm Springs, Cabazon Outlets

Is shopping an important part of your travel? Head to Cabazon Outlets. This place offers a shop and play experience where you can shop at various retail outlets. It is the best place in Palm Springs to get the best deals on popular brands in California. You can also find some great restaurants that offer you excellent food options when you are done through shopping. Cabazon Outlet also offers you other facilities like parking space for a relaxed shopping experience.

So, these were the 5 cool things to do in Palm Springs. What are your favorites?

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