10 Different Types of Travellers

What type of Traveller are you?

What type of Traveller are you?

Have you ever felt the need to abandon in the middle of a trip because of the company? Have you ever felt that it was a wrong decision to make travel plans with your relatives? Have you ever taken a decision to never go on a holiday again with someone close to you?

Well if your answer is YES, you probably have not been able to understand the personality of your co-traveller. I once read somewhere that you should go on a trip only with the person you love. I would go a step ahead and say, forget love you should go on a trip only with someone that shares the same travel goals as you do.

But how do you decipher that? After all travellers are an incredibly diverse species.

After travelling with a variety of travellers and observing them closely, I have identified 10 types. Presenting the 10 to you below!:

  1. THE BACKPACKER: Someone whose travel plans are made in a jiffy and with an almost negligible budget. His backpack is always ready and his travel agenda is always WIP. Doesn’t shy away from meeting new people, trying out new things, exploring new destinations, satiating his gastronomy with local cuisines, and learning about new cultures and customs. His sleeping bag would be his best friend and Maggi his favourite food. Wouldn’t think twice to hitchhike from a truck or self invite to locals’ house. New experiences are key to him.
  1. THE PLANNER: Someone who doesn’t believe in serendipity. He doesn’t travel too often. Would take few trips in a year and would meticulously plan for each of them. He would generally travel in a group or with a family. He would read a lot of blogs, download travel guides, and talk to various travel agents, friends and family members before zeroing his destination. His travel will be planned to the T. Hassle-free Travel is key to him.
  1. THE EXTRAVAGANT: Someone who would travel for luxury sake. Travel is both – a means to indulgence and escapism. Would only stay in air-conditioned rooms, would only travel in ‘A’ class airlines, would only go to exotic destinations, would spend a fortune on getting the new vacation wardrobe. Would spend more time indoors than outdoors. God forbid, if he or she joins you on an adventure trip then he would insist on taking a bath in -30 degree where water is as scarce as a diamond. Luxury is key to him.
  1. THE DP HUNGRY: Someone who travels not to absorb the beauty of the place but for bragging rights. Capturing the awesomeness of place is more important than being in the moment. Would carry a DSLR for sure even if he doesn’t know how to operate it. Would click every single thing multiple times from multiple angles. The objective of his travel is to have a HUGE Facebook album gallery. Social likes is key to him,
  1. THE TAG–ALONGS: Someone who accidently or deliberately tags along with his friends or family. He would not know anything about the place he is visiting. He wouldn’t have a point of view on things they should explore. He would travel not for the love of travelling but for the pestering of his friends and family. Company is key to him.
  1. THE ENVIOUS: Someone whose plans are made to compete with others. If his friend went to Singapore for holidays, he would go to Malaysia. If they take two vacations in a year then he’d take more than two. For him travelling is very a one-upmanship weapon.His travel tales would always have a competitive flavor to it. Impression is key to him.
  1. THE EXPLORER: Someone who travels to discover not just the place but himself. Would go and explore offbeat places. Would make friends with locals to get an insight in their culture. Travel is an antidote for his existence. Travel is not an expense but an investment. Will explore the unexplored places to enrich his soul and delight his heart. Adventure is key to him.
  1. THE COMPLAINT BOX: Someone who would complain no matter what. Would have a problem with the weather, cuisine, language, transportation, people…basically everything. Essentially a house rat who doesn’t like travelling but is forced to travel. He would be a nightmare for both co-travellers and travel service providers. Unrealistic expectations are key to him.
  1. THE ROLLING STONE: Someone whose travel mantra is “chai…chillum…chapatti…challo parvati”. Someone who would be busy rolling joints and exploring the crevices of the nature. Travel and rolling joints go hand in hand for such traveller. He would climb any mountain, cross any river or walk for hours without getting tired. Would be lost in his world. Facilities would be of least concern to him. Getting high is key to him.
  1. THE PASSIONISTA: Someone who marries his passion with travel – cycling, sports, culture, heritage, marathon etc. He would go up to any length to follow his passion. Travel works as a rejuvenator for him. Travelling luxuriously or frugally is not a matter of concern. Getting best out of his passion is. Passion is the key word for him.

So next time when you travel don’t forget to quiz your fellow travellers before committing to go away with them. But before doing that, do share with us which one are you?


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